A Very Special Commission

Nordic Light meets English Baroque in 2020.

Saturday 16th of May 2020 will see the World Premiere in London of ‘LUX MUNDI’, a brand new choral work by the internationally renowned Swedish composer Fredrik Sixten. The first performance in Sweden on Sunday the 5th of July will take place in the glorious setting of the Eric Ericson Hall, Skeppsholmskyrkan, Stockholm.

Jointly commissioned by The English Baroque Choir and The London Nordic Choir – LUX MUNDI’ with its three movements; ‘Faith’, ‘Hope’ and ‘Love’ with texts from King James’s bible, sets out to inspire light and hope, build musical bridges and strengthen artistic collaborative bonds.

The hallmark features of Fredrik Sixten’swriting; a touch of traditional Scandinavian music, a strong baroque influence in a lyrical, contemporary clothing, unexpected harmonic developments and stunning beauty require a clean, agile & precise vocal lines and sensitive treatment.

In the hands of choirs representing strong two European choral traditions and under the batons of musical directors Jeremy Jackman and Carina Einarson (Swedish Choral specialist & Eric Ericson pupil) – we are convinced ‘LUX MUNDI’ will be one of the most memorable musical events in 2020.

Read more about this exciting project on the LUX MUNDI website and follow the LUX MUNDI facebook page for updates.

Tickets are now available online for the world premiere in London on 16th May 2020.

Premium: £25 – including designated seating area, programme, drink and pre-concert talk with composer Fredrik Sixten 7.10-7.25pm

Regular: £17 – admission only