English Baroque Choir

The English Baroque Choir is one of the finest amateur choirs you will find in London.

We perform a wide range of repertoire, from the 15th century right through to the present day, in intelligent, well-structured concert programmes.

If you are looking for a choir to join, look at what we have to offer if you sing with us.

For general enquiries please contact us.

The Year Ahead

The past year has been a challenge. There have been guidelines, rulings, restrictions, exceptions, studies, and investigations on the dangers of singing together. Despite all this, we think now we can start rehearsing again, but this could of course all change.

Our focus is to be able to sing together as a choir. We will at least for the time being be rehearsing at a larger venue in West London to maximise the permitted number of singers. We are tentatively hoping to hold a Christmas concert in December, but regrettably this is becoming less and less likely.

We shall stay optimistic. It is likely that some restrictions will be with us until the spring, but we do hope to provide our singing day in February, an Easter concert and a summer one, if allowed.

Our members have been wonderfully upbeat and cannot wait to get back together again. We are planning to restart at the end of September 2020 and are positive about the future of this first-class choir.

New Musical Director

After over 20 years as Musical Director, Jeremy Jackman will be leaving us. We are looking for a successor to build on his achievements and develop a new vision for our future.

Applications have now closed. We were delighted to have received inquiries from many excellent candidates. These have with some difficulty been honed down to those we intend to interview. The next stage is to select a short-list who will audition in front of the choir. The announcement of the name of our new Musical Director will be made as soon as possible, given the current situation.